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Daniel Weiss

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Dan Weiss' Campaign Page!

Daniel Weiss

Oh hello! Nice to see you again. Thanks for stopping by my campaign page.

My Ramah journey started in 1992 when Mamma Weiss (aka Nurse Roni) decided to take her 1 year old son up to camp as a staff brat in Rishonim... fast forward to 2002 when a wide-eyed Halutzimer stepped off the bus for the first time as a camper! My Ramah journey from 2002 to Nivo 2007 consisted of making amazing friends, swimming in the Agam, lots of ultimate frisbee, and looking forward to the grilled cheese/tomato soup combo lunches on Fridays!

Not having enough as a camper, I returned as a JC in 2009, and loved it so much I came back in 2010 and 2011! I loved working on the water front. Not to brag, but my 2010 Bogrim swim class won the syncro competition with a tasty 90's mashup mix. Probably most importantly, I met my beshert- Dani Wolf! We are nearing a year of marriage and camp absolutely plays an important role in our lives! We even had kikar dancing at the wedding, and our Ketubah has the water front on it!

Let's work as a team to help campers just like us be able to attend Ramah summer after summer! It's hard to predict the all the great long term impacts Ramah has on individual campers and we want to make sure they get the chance to start their own story!

Please consider donating to our campaign, any amount is a great amount!


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