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The demand for scholarship support is at record levels with 50% of our campers received scholarship assistance. Last summer scholarship support by camp alumni and friends totaled over $250,000 with nearly 25% of that being raised during the 2017 Alumni Phone-a-thon!  In addition Camp Ramah in Wisconsin currently charges $1,200 less than the true cost to provide the full 8 –week experience for our campers. Therefore every camper regardless of financial situation receives a subsidy to attend. Our fees are consistently held below cost to make the experience as affordable as possible. To make up the difference, 25% of the Camp Ramah in Wisconsin program is subsidized through contributions.  Your support of the helps strengthen and enrich the Camp Ramah experience and allows families of all

Phone-a-thon 2018 Chairs

Twin Cities:  Elana Goldsmith – Nivo 2001
Chicago:  Micah Kafitz – Nivo 1994

2018 Phonathon Steering Committee
2011 – 
2010 – Lucy Orenstein, Michael Fishman, Rachel Zeman
2009 – Adam Seidenberg
2008 – Allie Hurwich, Dani Wolf, Alexis Fishman, Benjamin Cohen
2007 – Dan Weiss
2006 – Brendan Lyss, Jeremy Frankenthal, Tracy Rubinoff
2005 – Lauren Kaplan, Jackie Friedman, Bruce Ratain, Adrienne Kaplan
2004 – Jamie Cooper, Becca Vandersluis
2003 – 
2002 – Avi Allen, Neil Goldsmith
2001 - Elana Goldsmith
2000 – Debbie Kaplan, Jonathan Zimbler, Ari Derman, Tali Derman, Ben Hofkin, Avram Fraint
1999 – Tracy Truesdell
1998 – Liz Levin
1997 – Elana Tennenbaum
1996 – Nami Goldenberg
1995 – Jon Hoffenberg
1994 – Micah Kafitz, Jennifer Zacks


Below is a recently received note from a Ramah Wisconsin camper: